Royal Yugoslav Academic Aero Club

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Pocetna Start

Managing board of Aero Club in Beograd, with lot of efforts and a little luck ,succeed in his desire of having their Head Quarter.

It was of biggest importance for Aero Club, to have their head quarter, and it was very important for development of civil aviation in the country as well.

HQ of Aero Club, should have been focal point of all pilots and fans, and all other people who contributed development of civil aviation.

After the funds have been obtained by the help of: military service, donations, memberships funds, the job of making HQ of Aero Club had started.

Special committee for construction made conclusion, that place on cross road of Uzun Mirkova street and Kralja Petra street will fit the best for Head Quarter of Aero Club. .

They bought that site for 2.007,984 dinars, and on July 1932nd construction of H.Q. of Aero club had started, by architectural project of reserve hydro pilot, Mr. Vojin Simeonovic.

One of the most important request given to architect was that special attention should be put on comfort, nice finishing and representative look of the building.

In final architectural plane, was drown that on the ground floor, shall be places shops with offices and stock.

Beside that, there should have been built two entries for apartments and third entrance just for  celebrity room.

In between ground floor and first floor, working rooms of Aero Club was predicted, as well as some offices for rental.

First floor was built just for representative purpose, and there was another one part of H.Q. Of Aero Club - named Aero Serkl. On other floors, second, third and fourth, comfortable and modern apartments of various space, were rubuilt, for rental.

Assured with regular monthly funds, Aero Club could have worked continously and with more reliance, in order to achieve planned goals.

Most of the construction works was done by enterpreneurial arh. Boz. Živadinovic.

All the time during construction of H.Q. Beside auditing architect, there was monitoring done by specially established board for monitoring H.Q. Construction, with Mr. Dr. Slavkom Secerovi as president of that board.

In order to let H.Q. Of Aero Club to get artistic impact, very known sculptor Mr. Petar Palavinci was hired in order to make bronze eagles for bronze lanterns placed on the both side of the Entrance into the H.Q.

Painter Vasa Pomorišac was also hired in order to paint great windows of colored glass in main stairway, with picture of the Ikar and Dedal.

Mr. Kosta Hakman was hired in order to paint oil portrait of his royal majesty King Aleksandar in full size, and to be placed in rooms of Aero Serkla.

House of Aero-club of Kingdom Yugoslavia

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Aero club Head Quarter before  

… and now