Royal Yugoslav Academic Aero Club Pocetna Start

Among other important dates in the history of civil aviation in Kingdom Yugoslavia, year 1935 is particularly important for :


- Aero-club of Kingdom Yugoslavia has officially changed name into “Royal Yugoslav Aero club “Nasa krila” - Head quarter of Aero Club was finished.              

- Cathedra for aeronautics was established at Technical faculty  

- Royal Yugoslav Academic Aero Club was officially announced


Author of this presentation, had at the beginning of research of history of “Royal Yugoslav Academic Aero Club” (R.Y.A.A.C.) encountered some strange and hard to understand explanations.  

Some people, very renowned in flight society tried to convince that “Royal Yugoslav Academic Aero Club” (R.Y.A.A.C.) was not important and marginally, that it was just one section of Aero-kluba “Naša krila” etc.

But, if you read this presentation carefully, with all of this historical facts, it is so clear, that  “Royal Yugoslav Academic Aero Club” was created as new,  independent aero-club.

Facts that support this theory are evidence that club received funds from Aero-kluba “Nasa krila”, Queen Marija was godparent and his royal majesty, King Andreja as a president of the club.

Likewise, the highest states structures did help with funds and verbal support for creation of “Royal Yugoslav Academic Aero Club”


All of that lead to just one conclusion:   “Royal Yugoslav Academic Aero Club”  was absolutely independent aero club, and beside Aero Club “Nasa Krila”, “Royal Yugoslav Academic Aero Club” was the second official Aero Club in Kingdom Yugoslavia.


It is really hard to understand, why do some people negate and reject to admit existence of another one aero club in Kingdom Yugoslavia.


If you are interested in the history of our aviation there is nowhere in the literacy some article, where you can read about existence of two aero clubs in Kingdom Yugoslavia. The only one Aero Club mentioned in the books and other media is Aero-klub “Naša krila”.

As author of this presentation, I do really think that it was done mistakenly by our historian who wrote about Yugoslav’s aviation after II world war.

To make this presentation and gather all of this facts, I spent a lot of time, energy and funds. And after a while, I can stand for, that in Kingdom Yugoslavia, there were two are clubs, and creation of second aero club,  “Royal Yugoslav Academic Aero Club”, was done by leading people in Kingdom Yugoslavia: professors from Universities, politicians, engineers, fans, and eventually royals court stood behind it!

Looking by historical side, Aero-club “Naša krila” (Our wings) was involved in all main activities regarding  states aviation, just like: organize cooperation with FAI, enhance activities of Aeroput, air industry etc.

But everything other, in terms of sports aviation, sports events and training of sport pilots, was in charge of  “Royal Yugoslav Academic Aero Club”.


At the end, I want to express my gratitude to doyens of  “Royal Yugoslav Academic Aero Club”, and their help to assembly this material, and want to say thanks to all of those progressive people who supported technology prosperity of our country Serbia, in the past as well as in these days.

Zahvaljujem se doajenima  J.K.A.A-k  na pomoći u prikupljenom materijalu i svim progresivnim ljudima koji su zaslužni za  tehničko - tehnološki prosperitet naše  države, kako u prošlosti tako i danas.


Used literacy


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Editors conclusion