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First flights and early beginnings of the aviation in kingdom Yugoslavia

In the May of 1909th. The pilot Simon came into Beograd.   He brought himself an aeroplane equipped with “anzani” engine with 3 cylinders and 30 horse powers.

The presence of the first airplane in Beograd was great event, and it caused very big interesting among the citizens.

The plane was built very fast and ready for the first flight in part of Beograd named Banjica.

Interesting for the first flight was great, and beside high civil and military representatives, there were a lot of citizens from Beograd and other cities as well. Unfortunately, the first flight was just few hundred meters long, because of, the plane crashed and was totally destroyed. This was the first flight in Beograd, and that’s why this was very important for the history of our aviation.

After unsuccessful Simon’s flight on the Banjica, Russian pilot Maslenikov  who graduated at  Farman’s pilots school in France, came into Beograd. His airplane was “Farman” equipped with rotation engine “Gnome” of 50 horse powers.

Maslenikov successfully made 10-15 flights without any accident. There were a lot of citizens attending his flights, who applaud him for every his flight. After first flights Maslenikov made were successful, there were some representatives from the Yugoslav’s kingdom, civil and military forces who wanted to flight with him. And they did it. It was the crucial point to persuade government in Yugoslavia to make decision of creating military aviation.

After Maslenikov’s flights were done in Beograd, Eduard Rusian (Slovenia) came to Beograd with plane built by Serbian engineer Mihailo Mercep who lived in Zagreb (croatia).

The flight was done by very bad weather in 1910 god. On location “lower city” – where river Sava mets river Dunav. Strong wind and bad weather conditions caused unsuccessful fliths. Rusian did flight till river Sava Bridge and on return flight he stroke into Kalemegdan fortress and he lost his life.
As we can see, Beograd followed the latest innovations in aviation, that just six years after first flight of the Wrights brothers in Kitti Hawku (USA) 17.XII 1903th,   first flight in Beograd was made as well, in 1909
th year.

Important event in our aviation history is flight of Ivan Saric.

In Subotica city,  in 1910th, on the city racing place, Ivan Saric performed probe flights with plane hand-made by himself. The weather was very nice on October, 16th 1910th and some 7.000 citizens of Subotica came on the streets in order to see his flight.
In that time in Beograd was popular restaurant named “Balkan”, where famous engineers, military staff and intellectual Serbia’s elite spent free time, and among them there were a lot of aviation's fans.

After the first flights performed in Beograd, those aviation’s fans started thinking about practical use of of airplanes. Not just for fun.

Other guests of restaurant “Balkan” noticed that always the same gentlemen are at the same table and they make some important conversation.

The group of aviation fans comprised of members : Voja Tankosić, Vojin Popović, duke Doksim, duke  Vasilije Trbić, duke  Babunski, duke  Gligor, duke  Pećanac, duke  Dovezenski, pharmacist  Sava Mumčić, pop Gapon, lieutenant Antonijević, student Dule Dimitrijević, journalist Joca Tanović, student Miomir Milenović, student Dragiša Stojadinović, duke-captain Sreten Rajković, bank clerk Milivoje Jovanović, pharmacist Jova Gasler i drugi.  

After a while, decision was made, that Serbia must stay on the line with other states in the world, regarding the newest technology invention - the airplane.

Successful flights performed in Beograd and Mercep airplane’s flight, proved evidence that flying is not so complicated and impossible.

Short time after Rusian’s disaster, in “Balkanu” restaurant was made agreement about buying first Serbia’s and Balkan’s airplane.

First Serbian’s aviators were: student Dragišu Stojadinovića, bank clerk Milivoj Jovanovic, bank clerk  Jov Todorovic.

In 1910th. The engine from crashed Simonov’s airplane was bought and sent into Wien (Austria) to be fixed.

In the same time, Dragisa Stojanovic went into Zagreb and made deal with Serbians engineer Mercep, of making airplane construction by “Blerio” model.

After 6 months, engineer Mercep brought the plaine into Beograd, and in next two days he worked with his pilot and technicians in order to assemble plain and refurbished engine.

But, after the plane was assembled, the probe pilot refused to try the plane and make flight, with explanation that terrain is not in a good condition.

Because of lot of people who came to see that flight, Mr. Stojadinović decided that he will make first flight. He entered into the plane, and sent order to turn engines on.
The flight didn’t last long, because of he was not experienced pilot, but everything finished fine. He landed the plane, on the same place where pilot Simon crashed before. Thousand of visitors were delighted of that flight, and especially because of Stojadinovic was not injured and the plane was landed without any demolitions


In incoming years there were a lot of activities on promoting aviation in whole country, but it lasted short.

The state was getting ready for Balkan's and 1st World War and there were no many interesting's for civil aviation development.  

On January 1913th in city Nis arrived first airplanes for transport, necessary to military forces for incoming war activities. On place “Trupalsko Polje” nearby city Nis, first hangars and first airport were built. On that place, were assembled first military airplanes and first military flights were made.







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