Royal Yugoslav Academic Aero Club

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Pocetna Start

Royal Academic Aero Club  of Kingdom Yugoslavia  “Our wings”

Still under fresh memories of just finished 1st World War, and right after return from Solun’s battle, released from military service, crew of reserved pilots living in Beograd, joined very often and spoke and dream on about their’s airplanes and their aero-club.

Every new meeting made stronger desire to create as soon as possible aero-club and to obtain civil airplanes.

And that day came…

At 22nd October, 1921st in Beograd (Serbia), friendship society of aviators from Solun’s battle, in restaurants “White Eagle” established “Serbian Aero Club”.

It was the first historical meeting, where after long debate, all members agreed for members of first managing board:

for lifetime president was elected an Swiss citizen who “donated his hart to Serbia’s people” Doctor Rudolf Archibald Reiss, for president of the club: Matiju Hodjeru, executive secretary Sava Mikic, cashier Dragisa Vujic, libririan Sava Simic.

Club worked in order and the number of member rose as time goes by. Material for club regulation was prepared as well.
First assembly of the Aero-Club was held on 14
th May of 1922nd.

It was first, but historical assembly, where new managing board was founded, which took all obligations and privileges of previous ones. They adopted also new rules, which were fundament for future work and development.

New management board was comprised of following members: president - Matija Hodjera, vice president Tadija Sondermajer, secretary Milan ivanovic, cashier Dragisa Vujic, librarian Sava Simic.

New management board continued working on making great steps in development of civil aviation.
Still in Juny of 1922
nd, the president of the Aero club Mr. Matija Hodjera had very intensive negotiations about civil aviation in Kingdom Yugoslavia, with Ministry of traffic,  and in same time vicepresident Tadija Sondermajer was talking with representatives of the company “Franko-Rumen”, who held regular traffice line from Paris to Carigrad, about adding one landing on this line, in Beograd (Serbia).

Meanwhile new members joined Aero club and membership cards were issued.
Second annual assembly were held on 1
st April 1923nd, and one of the most important issue was report about work in previous year.
In next several months higher activities in the club was noticed, especially in the newspapers. Beograd’s journal “Vreme” (time), announced articles written by writer Milos Crnjanski, who helped club’s work from time to time.

Crucial and happiest moment for Aero Club enhancement and development had happened on 21st October in 1923rd year. When

Royal Kingdom inheritor Petar accepted to be patron of the Aero Club .

Third annual assembly was held in the hole of the “Kola srpskih sestara”  in Beograd on 30th March 1924th.
The main event on the celebration was announcement of new branch officies in : Subotica, Novi Sad, Šabac, Tuzla, Strumica, Ljubljana, Skoplje, Negotin, Zaječar, Brza Palanka, Kladovo, Donji Milanovac, Visegradu and Vukovar.

There were also another one important decision made on this assembly: to start with new aeronautical Journal named “Our wings” in proprietary of the Aero club.

First issue of this aero Jurnal was released on June 1st of 1924th year. Since then, this Journal was printed on monthly basis, but from 1st May of 1932, it was printed twice a month.

On this third assemble was another one decision made: to have his Royal Majesty  for president of the Aero Club of Kingodom of Serbs, Croatians and Slovenians.

Four above mentioned historical moments lead to creation of Aero Club of the Kingdom Yugoslavia, very powerful leverage of civil aviaation.

On February 15th , 1932nd in Beograd was organized extraordinary assembly of Aero Club. Attendees were delagates from various aviations societies, and it was the moment of concatenation of Aero-club and society of  reserved aviators.

Beside candidated from the whole country, there were also present: Military deputy -general officer Mr. Vojislav Petrović, air force lieutenant Mr. Milutin Nedic.

All of these had great impact on the future of the civil aviations and Aero-club giving them great perspective.

In incoming years there were a lot of activities on improvement and development of aviation in Kingdom Yugoslavia, especially on civil aviation.

In february 1928th shareholder company “Aeroput” started with aero traffic with all important economic centers.

In 1929th first civilian aero lines were created like: Beograd-Skoplje and  Beograd - Wien (Austria).

In 1930th Airplanes of the company “Aeroput” flew on the lines : Beograd-Zagreb-Grac- Wien (Austria),

Beograd-Skoplje-Solun (Greece), Beograd-Sarajevo-Podgorica (Monte negro) and  Zagreb-Susak.

In following years air traffic started rapidly development and new aero-lines were created.

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